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what is unboxed marketing?

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 3, 2009

I need to be honest here. I’m not exactly sure what unboxed marketing is. But I know I think it’s an important idea. And I want us to explore it.

That’s the purpose of this site. Let’s start a conversation about new ideas in marketing because the old ones don’t work so well anymore. For decades, people trusted corporations and organizations and their advertising and promotional messages. One-way communication worked. We talked. Consumers listened. And they bought.

Those companies used traditional media to spread their messages. Advertising on TV and radio, in newspapers, on billboards, and in your mailbox worked. We talked. Consumers listened.

Everything is changing. We no longer trust corporations. Check out the news today and you’ll see why. Let’s bet on what executive goes down today for buying a $1,400 trashcan and a $50 million plane on the taxpayer’s dime. It’s sick, and we shouldn’t trust these fools.

So, how can marketers be successful if we are fighting against a consumer rebellion? Let’s find out together by looking at strategies that are unboxed, strategies and ideas that recognize the failures of traditional marketing and embrace something new.

It should be fun.


2 Responses to “what is unboxed marketing?”

  1. Marc Sanders said

    I’m interested to see what you figure out.

    Understanding “new media’s” role is the ultimate challenge now for marketers. How do we turn these (powerful) bells and whistles into consumer actions? Can every company be “twitteriffic?” Can any? Should any?

    I’ll be coming back for more of your insights. Be well and stay warm. Elmira must seem down right tropical.

    • stevebuchholz said

      Hey Marc. Good to hear from you. I’m thinking that the bells and whistles are great, as long as we don’t obsess about the technology as much as how it allows us to connect with people on a real level. BTW, it was 60 degrees today.

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