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godaddy shows who’s your poppa

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 5, 2009

Where Spirit Air failed in its attempt to leverage an edgy ad campaign, GoDaddy.com does a fantastic job driving website traffic from television ads.

The company’s recipe is simple. Buy a ridiculously expesnive ad during the Super Bowl, submit an ad everyone knows will be rejected, make a stink about it, rework the ad so it passes corporate network muster, and post the original ad on your website. Add in beautiful women such as the company’s famous spokesboob, Candice, or Indy car driver Danica Patrick, and you have a killer campaign.

GoDaddy’s unique and effective approach is critically important in a business where many, many companies are offering the exact same service for the exact same price. So what makes GoDaddy stand out? Two things. It has achieved top-of-mind awareness for anyone wanting to buy a domain name. More importantly, it has become the cool place to register domains.

Nice work, GoDaddy.


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