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Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 13, 2009

I’m sick of it, and I did something about it.

I spent about 30 minutes today unsubscribing to the slew of unwanted email sales pitches I receive every single day. Before today, I marked the emails as read and ignored them. No more. I did not request to be placed on any of these email lists, and I have no interest in reading about the prodcuts, services, and assorted other things these companies are trying to sell.

All these emails represent the same exact thing–unwanted interruptions in my day. Are unwanted interruptions good? No. Are they welcome? Nope. Do they help me solve a problem? Non. Maybe they help me get more work done. Sorry.

All they do is clog my inbox and make me think less of the company that insists on sending them. What are the chances of anyone buying from a company that makes you feel that way? Not good.

I believe in email marketing, but only if the recipient is willing. If someone willingly gives you an email address, there’s nothing wrong with delivering relevant, useful information to that person’s inbox. But don’t buy email address and don’t swipe them from databases or from group emails you’ve received. Doing any of those things leads to interruption marketing, and that won’t do you any good. Unfortunately, some folks encourage interrupting the lives of potential customers.

That makes today’s advice simple: Don’t piss off your potential or current customers. Ever.


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