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infective enthusiasm

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 14, 2009

I met a walking marketing lesson today. Mark Nelsen owns Maximum Promotions , a banner and flag company based in Sioux Falls, SD. My college has done a tony bit of business with Mark’s company, but I never met him before today.

unboxed marketing blog gives its on target award to mark nelsen and his company, maximum promotions.

The unboxed marketing blog gives its On Target award to Mark Nelsen and his company, Maximum Promotions.


Mark’s enthusiasm for his business is evident the second you meet him. He believes in his product (for good reason-the quality is excellent), he’s honest about it, and he’s willing to help solve problems. Most impressive, he’s the owner, and he was willing to meet with a customer that has spent very little money with his company. Customers like it when a CEO isn’t holed up in the corporate fort surrounded by minions whose job it is to keep customers away from the top dog. Instead, Mark’s out selling and promoting and showing why Maximum Promotions is the best vendor for banners and flags. You gotta like that.  

Mark’s also an entrepreneurial evangelist who believes business owners can help fix the nation’s ailing economy. His enthusiasm for running a business–especially running a business in South Dakota–is motivational and makes you want to run out and start selling something.

Mark wrote a book about his entrepreneurial story. I’m planning to read Family Business this weekend, and I’ll let you know how it is. Mark’s blogging, too. His writing mixes business and family, and while it’s young and there isn’t a lot to read yet, Mark delivers some great insights into running a business.   

When you meet guys like Mark, you understand why some businesses succeed and others don’t.


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