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vendor oddities

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 18, 2009

Had a weird incident with a vendor today. They had prepared aweird incident had me asking huh? proposal to build a custom social network for my college. I liked the proposal and the cost, but it was short on some critical details, including the name of the open source platform the vendor would use to build the network.

I wanted to complete some independent research, so I asked for the name of the platform.

The vendor wouldn’t tell me. Citing concerns about me taking the info and cutting them out of the deal, they refused my request.

I thought that was odd. How do I write a substantial check without knowing what I’m getting? How do I justify the expense to taxpayers who support the college and students who pay tuition if I can’t tell them what they’re buying?

Am I way off here? We have done quite a bit of work with this vendor, and I’ve enjoyed our relationship. Today’s incident has me rethinking all that. Am I being fair?


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