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vendor oddities part deuce

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 19, 2009

The saga continued today.

I wrote yesterday about a strange encounter with a vendor. We had a face-to-face meeting today to continue the discussion about why they wouldn’t tell me the name of an item they were trying to sell me. The item in question: an open source social networking platform the company was going to customize for us.

It didn’t go as I hoped.

The vendor’s reps continued to refuse to give me the information I need to make a good decision about this purchase. The reason didn’t change from yesterday-they are concerned I will take the information and peddle it to someone else. I assured them I wouldn’t and even offered to sign a nondisclosure statement. They didn’t budge.

I told them this was a deal-breaker. I need to independently research the product, and I need to be able to answer questions my colleagues and superiors might ask. As I told the vendor, I cannot say, “I don’t know,” if someone asks me what I’m buying.

The meeting ended with the vendor’s reps telling me they would see what they could do.

For me, this is a trust issue. I’ve trusted this company to help us grow enrollments and improve our marketing, and we’ve paid them quite a bit of money during the past couple years. I’m not sure how this conflict will impact our relationship, but whatever the effect, it won’t be postive.


2 Responses to “vendor oddities part deuce”

  1. Steve: I am following you. The single most important factor in any relationship is TRUST. If you look at the situation you are dealing with over the last two day. The vendor does not
    TRUST your word. Thus, you do not trust theirs. This is the chicken or the egg concept.

    Most likely, your vendor has been lied to by folks in your position, thus they don’t know who to trust.

    As an entrepreneur I found the a similiar mistrust from bankers. People have lied or misrpresented themselves and the bank lost money. Thus, when someone like me comes along I am not
    trusted because of the folks before me. I can see both sides to the issue.

    I wish you and the vendor success. Your willingness to sign the
    agreement not to take it elsewhere should have been the deal maker.

    Keep pushing forward, we need you marketing guys and gals…

    Mark Nelsen…Owner/Founder…Maximum Promotions, Inc..since 1982

    • stevebuchholz said

      Thanks, Mark. Trust is a big deal in business, and I want to trust my business partners with all my secrets. I expect the same in return.

      We had some new developments today. I’ll write about them later.


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