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cruisin’ for a pleasin’

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 21, 2009

Sorry about the headline. Can I use the “It’s late” excuse again?

rushmore honda receives today's unboxed marketing customer service award

rushmore honda receives today's unboxed marketing customer service award

Despite its awkwardness, it fits. Rushmore Honda in Rapid City, SD, deserves today’s customer service award. Our family has been a big fan of the dealership’s service department for several years, even taking our non-Honda vehicles there for service. They’ve worked on our Chevy pick-up and our Volkswagen Eurovan we have since sold, and I wouldn’t take either of our two Hondas anyplace else.

I don’t know that the Honda mechanics are more skilled than the many others in town, but the customer service is so superior, it almost makes taking a car in for service kind of enjoyable. Things all marketers can learn from:

1. The service area is clean and comfortable. A cushy, leather couch and decent chairs are organized around a television set tuned to Fox News (if you prefer MSNBC, I’m sure you could change the channel). The entire area is very clean. Besides the ocassional blrrrp of an air gun, you wouldn’t know you are in a car shop.

2. Free danish, coffee, and reading material (novels and current magazines) are available for consumption.

3. The service manager talks to you like you’re an actual person. He doesn’t make you feel small or stupid. He explains everything they’ve done, what they found, and your options. If you decline a service, they don’t try to talk you of of the decision.

4. The prices are more than fair, and if you have a Honda discount card, you save every time.

Marketers cannot discount the important of excellent customer service. Your customers have many, many options since it’s likely you’re not the only game in town. Treat people well. Be nice. Make them comfortable. Be like Rushmore Honda-allow people to want to do business with you.

Your bottom line will thank you.


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