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jesus and the stimulus

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 21, 2009

We all love creative ads that tell interesting stories. Of course, there is

american issues project anti-stimulus ad campaign is too little, too late.

american issues project anti-stimulus ad campaign is too little, too late.

true creativity that creates memorable messages, and there is imitation creativity that might make you laugh at the time but is completely  forgettable and ultimately useless.

Using Jesus in an ad that asks you to oppose the federal stimulus bill falls into the latter category.

The American Issues Project is doing just that with what they call a “major television advertising campaign.” The ad blasts the amount of spending in the bill and asks you to call Congress and tell them to stop wasting your money. You can view the ad at the group’s website.

The message is fine. It’s actually somewhat compelling because it puts the $787 billion into context. If you started spending a million bucks a day when Jesus was born and continued the spree to today, you would not have spent $787 billion. That’s an impressive way to show the amount of cash we are dropping on the economy.

However, the ad campaign is too late. The bill passed. President Obama signed it. It’s law. We could all call our congresspeople right now, but it wouldn’t do any good. This pony has left the gate. The American Issues Project would have been far better off running this campaign during the short debate on this legislation. It probably would not have worked, but it could have added something useful to the conversation.

Instead, the group is spending a bunch of cash to run a meaningless campaign. Of course, the organization could just be working for new members, but who would join a group that is willing to waste the donated dollars it receives.

This strategy needs a bailout of its own.


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