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clean coal vs obama

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 1, 2009

Let the clean coal marketing battle begin.

Two special-interest groups have begun a clean-coal marketing battle.

Two special-interest groups have begun a clean-coal marketing battle.

In this corner, we have the environmentalists who say there is no such thing as clean coal. In fact, I’m sure they would prefer the phrase to look like this: “clean coal.” One coalition of these groups created a the This is Reality site to provide information about the horrors of the coal industry. This group even hired the super-talented movie-makers Coen Brothers (Raising Arizona, Fargo, No Country for Old Men, etc.) to produce a TV spot that ridicules the clean coal idea.  

The spot’s not that great. It has a preaching-to-the-choir vibe, so I doubt it willchange many hearts or minds on this important issue. If the group’s goal is to strengthent he support of like-minded folks, they will succeed, but those folks don’t need much encouragement to be more strident in their beliefs.

In the other corner, we have the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, a group of industries involved in producing electricity from coal. This group has a serious dog in this fight, and they’ve got a lot to lose if coal-fired power plants go the way of torches.

This group is running a television adas well, and it uses an unexpected ally-Barack Obama. Members of left-leaning environmental groups voted in droves for Obama. He’s their guy. But in this case, Obama’s words from the campaign threaten to derail environmentalists’ hopes. In the ad, Obama talks about the importance of clean coal technology and the impact it can have on creating a more green American future.    

This ad is far better than what the Coen Brothers produced because it can change minds. Obama supporters who thought they should oppose the clean coal movement will be swayed after seeing the President speak about the virtues of clean coal technology. The ad has one major issue-it’s produced by people who desperately want the coal industry to survive.  

The question for the coal guys is this: Can Obama’s implied support overcome their bias in this fight’s outcome. 

The decision is yours.


2 Responses to “clean coal vs obama”

  1. Matt Dernoga said

    Nice post. Ii recently made one showing how much of a joke “clean coal” has become


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