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making money out of mondays

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 3, 2009

The family went to the neighborhood video store before dinner tonight

mr. movies has found a way to turn a slow day into a big day.

mr. movies has found a way to turn a slow day into a big day.

to take advantage of the store’s awesome Monday deal: every movie in the place is 99 cents.

99 cents! I love movies, but I dig bargains even more. That makes Mondays at Mr. Movies a must-do activity almost every week (alliteration, anyone?). Bring a discount card with you, and you receive one old movie for every new release you rent. So, tonight, we rented four movies for $2.10. Sweet.

There’s a point here beyond cinematic joy. Mondays are a notoriously slow day for movie rentals. Mr. Movies has found a way to drive significant traffic to the store on what is usually a poor day for sales. And it works. Get there too late, and the pickings are mighty slim. And the sale day doesn’t seem to impact late-week rentals. The place is packed on the weekends, too. 

Can you follow the lead of Mr. Movies? Do you have a slow day, week, or time of year? What can you do to increase interest in your product or service during the slow times?

Be creative and help customers see increased value in what you’re selling all year long.


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