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what kind of breading?

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 17, 2009

for most fast-food customers, breadcrumbs is breadcrumbs

for most fast-food customers, breadcrumbs is breadcrumbs

Had the TV on this past weekend and saw a commercial for a Wendy’s fish sandwich. Besides the weird sexual overtones of the ad–the woman was enjoying the sandwich just a little too much–the narration used the phrase “panko breading” to sell the fish.

Maybe I’m just a rube from South Dakota, but I had no idea what panko breading was. Curious, I researched the phrase. Turns out, panko breading is supposed to be a big deal in food circles.

Maybe it is super-special breading, but do most people know what it is? And if they don’t recognize it as special, are most people going to look it up? Doubtful on both counts. Instead, most people will dismiss the selling point as irrelvant. Why not show potential customers that the breading is special instead of telling us it is by using an obscure word?

Bottom line: fast food is not classy, and a 30-second ad won’t change that. Instead, how about showing me how your fish sandwich is going to help me solve a problem? How will going to Wendy’s make my life easier? Answering that question, not the kind of breading on a slab of fish, will make me consider stopping by Wendy’s on the way home.


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