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personal watermelons

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 22, 2009

A big pile of almost-volleyball-sized watermelons greeted me on a recent trip to one of Rapid City’s Family Thrift Center supermarkets. The display’s sign promoted the fruit as “Personal Watermelons.”


I love that. I don’t buy watermelon very often because there’s just too much pressure to eat it all before it’s no longer fresh. The watermelon people have solved that problem by remaking their product, most likely by inbreeding small watermelons until the personal-sized melon was achieved. You can find a more detailed explanation at the Wise Geek website.

what's the personal watermelon you can offer your customers?

what's the personal watermelon you can offer your customers?


The watermelon folks then named the smaller melon so shoppers would immediately know the product was new and that it solved a problem.


This might seem trivial, but it’s really not. It’s also a wonderful marketing lesson for every business. Our products and services don’t meet the needs of every customer. If we understand the needs of those customers, we can then look at our products and services and find ways to adjust them to grow our markets.


For example, a college might begin offering a program at an off-campus location so students who can’t make it to campus for whatever reason can still pursue a degree. A restaurant might offer ready-to-go meals someone could pick up quickly on the way home. A newspaper’s website could allow readers to create personal portals that display customized content.


None of those ideas are that complicated, and they could make all the difference in solving the problems your customers face.


What’s the personal watermelon you can offer your customers?


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