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white house open for questions

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 26, 2009

barack obama is using a new rules strategy to answer your questions directly

barack obama is using a new rules strategy to answer your questions directly

President Barack Obama has found another way to communicate directly with the people and sidesteep what has become an increasingly irrelevant mass media.

Obama will answer citizen-submitted questions beginning at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time today. You have until 9:30 a.m. to submit questions at the White House website. as of this morning, nearly 80,000 questions have been submitted. In a neat twist, you can vote on your favorite questions and the ones you want the President to answer.

This isn’t Obama’s first attempt to reach around the media. Obama updated his Twitter page this week for the first time since the inauguration, and he appeared on the Jay Leno Show last week.

All these strategies are very New Rules. It’s always better to communicate directly with your audience, whether it’s the American people or the customers of your dry-cleaning business.

It’s not that TV news and newspapers are bad. It’s just a better option to communicate with people without the news media filter that can dilute, alter, or truncate what you want to say. Instead, use the incredible array of available technologies to talk to your customers.

Make sense? What do you think? Is the President on the right track with his communication strategy?


2 Responses to “white house open for questions”

  1. harrycallohan said

    It ssems to me that President Obama and his White House are not open for questions, but rather in question.

    If American seems caught up in a vice of special and ethnocentric interests on the part of some, it is only because it is.

    An outstanding example and first on the list is what is going on with regards to illegal immigration. Democrats, including the president, like it because of the votes, while Big Business and special interest Republicans kowtow to it because of the cheap labor. Yet the social, penal, health and educational costs of it are bleeding us dry. Just ask California. Illegal drugs coming from across our Southern border are destroying the very fabric of our nation. Our workers are losing their jobs and our cities are becoming unsafe, with the inhabitants of Southern American border cities in fear for their very lives. In response, our Government and President is presently engaged in empty gestures at helping Mexico help itself. Nor do we need baseless rhetoric that we are in any way responsible for the meltdown of that country. We have already tried to prop-up Mexico and not only did it fail miserably but we actually trained the armed militant Zetas who are now our sworn enemies. We do not need a miserable 190 or so extra border guards thrown to our Southern border. We need our armed forces to be sent there to do battle in unrestricted mode. That is what we need and no more and no less. But the current administration has no intention of doing so. Because, it flies in the face of what Democrats see as open borders leading to a 1,000 year dynesty for them. And they are probably right. This is why, on the part of Democrats and Big Business Republicans you hear all of those weak excuses among our politicians, who are both selling out America and at the same time aware that a nuclear suitcase bomb could easily presently penetrate our Southern border. “Homeland security”, Secretary Nepolitano? Don’t make me laugh. But nothing, abosolutely nothing trumps most of our politicians personal ambitions…….and America is included in that nothing.
    There is no need for our borders NOT to be IMMEDIATELY sealed, machine-gun airtight other than the Democrats and many Republicans want these borders open.

    Another hot-button issue is the “Free-Trade” and outsourcing of jobs, and countless Visas we still issue each year. Have you heard any of these issues, which are bleeding the life-blood out of our Nation seriously being discussed by either Democrats or Republicans? Not really. Yet we have gone broke by so called “Free-Trade”, lost millions of American jobs and are STILL letting millions of foreigners come in through VISAS to take our jobs. NO BAILOUT WILL SOLVE THIS nor will any budget, although it would be nice to see Congress and the White House stop spending us into a Coma.

    Yet to this point we have seen no use of the Veto and no restraint on the part of runaway spending.

    • Harry: Thanks for the in-depth comment. I appreciate it.

      It will be interesting to see if the President addresses hard questions like the ones you ask. From a marketing and PR perspective, he should. It won’t do him any good to answer only the softball questions that speak to those who already support him.

      Steve Buchholz

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