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social network prescription refill

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 30, 2009

since your customers will talk about you, you should join the conversation.

since your customers will talk about you, you should join the conversation.

The other day I encouraged doctors to embrace social media by asking customers to publicly rate the service patients receive.

Robert Scoble is on the same page. He writes about Yelp, a business rating website that has driven patients to a doctor he mentions:

Ask Christina Tan. She’s Milan (our son)’s new doctor. [Scobletook a picture of her and wrote about her here. How did Maryam (my wife) find Christina?


See, on Yelp, Christina is the top rated pediatrician in San Mateo.

The only businesses concerned about being rated publicly fall into two categories:

  1. They know they are offering substandard service.
  2. They don’t understand the power of social media and its unstoppable momentum.

Right now, I would guess most businesses and professionals fall into the second group. That’s the easy one to escape.

If you’re in the first group, you have a lot more work to do.


3 Responses to “social network prescription refill”

  1. Rhonda said

    I agree with your statement, “since your customers will talk about you, you should join the conversation.” You should be in it to make sure your voice is heard. And yes, social media is VERY powerful! It is not only good for one type of business or another, it is good for all types of business!

    • Hello, Rhonda. Thanks for visiting unboxed marketing. I worry about those businesses that ignore the power and reach of social media. This is where the web is going, and it’s how people will communicate with each other about everything…from what they had for dinner to their favorite laundry detergent.

      All the best,

      Steve Buchholz

  2. James said

    Thanks for writing a thorough article about effective social networking. I learnt something new and hope to test drive your ideas soon. Awesome article!!

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