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what business wins?

Posted by Steve Buchholz on April 3, 2009

customers expect excellent service, so you better deliver it

customers expect excellent service, so you better deliver it

Here is a tale of two ways to perform customer service. Which business would you look forward to doing business with again?

Business 1: We purchased more than $300 worth of pizza from a chain pizza  joint yesterday. When we picked up the order, the counter person asked, ‘What, no tip? For an order this big?” The person’s tone made it clear how little she thought of us and the business we brought to her establishment.

Business 2: Today, we ordered a large number of sandwiches, chips, and cookies from Pauly’s a locally owned sub shop. The food looked and tasted, each package was labeled, and the big order was ready on time. An hour after lunch, the sub shop called to ask how everything was and how satisfied we were. They did not call to ask why we didn’t tip.

Who wins? Maybe they both made money this week, but who will profit day in and day out.

How many people wouldn’t return to Business 1? How many would look forward to buying something else from Business 2?

Excellent customer service is not rocket science. It doesn’t take much effort. But, boy, does it matter.

What kind of service are you delivering to your customers?


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