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Posted by Steve Buchholz on April 16, 2009

social networking works! the tax day tea parties are a great example of the power of social media.

social networking works! the tax day tea parties are a great example of the power of social media.

The power of social media was evident today as thousands of people gathered around the country today for anti-tax and anti-big government tea parties.

Regardless of your political leanings, there’s a lesson here for marketers. You can use the Internet and social media to create a movement just like tea party organizers did across the country.  

The first recent tea party (held to mimic the purpose of the Boston Tea Party) was held a couple months ago and received covered from blogs and websites. Momentum built quickly when bloggers with big followings such as Michelle Malkin began pumping the idea.

Someone soon came up with the idea to coordinate a nationwide series of tea parties on April 15, tax day. The result? Websites such as Tea Party Day.com that allowed people in states and cities to connect and organize places, times, and lists of speakers.

That is the power of social media. Good ideas spread, Powerful ideas that resonate spread quickly. And none of this stuff is difficult to do. Websites, blogs, discussion boards, and other social networking tools can be set up quickly and with little or no expense. (This blog, for example, costs nothing as all.) That makes these tools accessible to anyone willing to spend a little time learning.  

What’s especially interesting about the tea party movement (that might be too strong a term) is that no one is in charge. There’s no tea party CEO or someone responsible for running the show. It’s just a bunch of people with similar interests who found social media to be an easy way to connect and organize.

Think about the power in that. What if your customers were connected and communicated with each other and with others. Seth Godin calls this creating tribes, and there’s no more powerful way to create evangelists who will promote your business for you.     

First, you need to offer products and services worth talking about.

Do you?


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