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the new path to revolution

Posted by Steve Buchholz on April 16, 2009

social networking works! the tax day tea parties are a great example of the power of social media.

social networking works! the tax day tea parties are a great example of the power of social media.

The power of social media was evident today as thousands of people gathered around the country today for anti-tax and anti-big government tea parties.

Regardless of your political leanings, there’s a lesson here for marketers. You can use the Internet and social media to create a movement just like tea party organizers did across the country.  

The first recent tea party (held to mimic the purpose of the Boston Tea Party) was held a couple months ago and received covered from blogs and websites. Momentum built quickly when bloggers with big followings such as Michelle Malkin began pumping the idea.

Someone soon came up with the idea to coordinate a nationwide series of tea parties on April 15, tax day. The result? Websites such as Tea Party Day.com that allowed people in states and cities to connect and organize places, times, and lists of speakers.

That is the power of social media. Good ideas spread, Powerful ideas that resonate spread quickly. And none of this stuff is difficult to do. Websites, blogs, discussion boards, and other social networking tools can be set up quickly and with little or no expense. (This blog, for example, costs nothing as all.) That makes these tools accessible to anyone willing to spend a little time learning.  

What’s especially interesting about the tea party movement (that might be too strong a term) is that no one is in charge. There’s no tea party CEO or someone responsible for running the show. It’s just a bunch of people with similar interests who found social media to be an easy way to connect and organize.

Think about the power in that. What if your customers were connected and communicated with each other and with others. Seth Godin calls this creating tribes, and there’s no more powerful way to create evangelists who will promote your business for you.     

First, you need to offer products and services worth talking about.

Do you?


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must read interview: chris brogan

Posted by Steve Buchholz on April 2, 2009

in a tom peters interview, chris brogan shows the power of social media

in a tom peters interview, chris brogan shows the power of social media

tompeters! has an excellent interview with Chris Brogan posted. Brogan really knows his stuff, and he’s a must-follow for anyone interested in social media/new media stuff.

Read the interview, and remember this passage if nothing else:

To me, they are every bit as impactful as the telephone was over a hundred years ago and as email was 25 years ago. These are the new forms of presence. We’re not relegated to voice, as with a telephone. We’re not relegated to text on the page, as with email. We can now add video. We can now add all kinds of different media in different formats and interactive styles.

That’s the power marketers need to harness. That’s what will allow us to reach the right people with the right information at the right time.

Marketing is dead. Long live marketing.

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social network prescription refill

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 30, 2009

since your customers will talk about you, you should join the conversation.

since your customers will talk about you, you should join the conversation.

The other day I encouraged doctors to embrace social media by asking customers to publicly rate the service patients receive.

Robert Scoble is on the same page. He writes about Yelp, a business rating website that has driven patients to a doctor he mentions:

Ask Christina Tan. She’s Milan (our son)’s new doctor. [Scobletook a picture of her and wrote about her here. How did Maryam (my wife) find Christina?


See, on Yelp, Christina is the top rated pediatrician in San Mateo.

The only businesses concerned about being rated publicly fall into two categories:

  1. They know they are offering substandard service.
  2. They don’t understand the power of social media and its unstoppable momentum.

Right now, I would guess most businesses and professionals fall into the second group. That’s the easy one to escape.

If you’re in the first group, you have a lot more work to do.

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prescription for social media

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 29, 2009

social media allows consumers to rate everything, including doctors

social media allows consumers to rate everything, including doctors

What makes social mediaso successful? It’s people talking to people directly, unbound by limits of geography, time, and previous personal connections. It’s also successful because it gives every consumer nearly instant access to consumer reviews about every product and service available.

Doctors are no exception. Not surprisingly, patients have begn rating their doctors on services provided. Also not surprisingly, doctors aren’t very keen on the idea of patients posting their thoughts about how well their doctors performed.

One doctor-rating site is ratemds.com. The Rapid City Journal ran a localized story about the site that quotes unhappy docs from South Dakota.

It’s interesting that doctors believe they should be immune from customer reviews. No one else is. You would think any professional would welcome feedback from customers about the products and services the professional offers. That feedback is, of course, the backbone of excellent marketing and the key to improving the things we offer consumers.

One group is helping doctors fight against online criticism. According to the Rapid City Journal story:

It’s that sense of declaring open season on doctors without having to sign a name that’s led a North Carolina company, Medical Justice, to market a waiver agreement to help physicians fight back. They can ask patients to sign a waiver to agree not to post online criticism.

Holy smokes. So much for the First Amendment.

Instead of fighting against online reviews, doctors should embrace this feature of social media. It’s not going away, so why not make the best of it? Doctors should create ratings features on their websites and invite feedback. If the doctors provide great service, patients will tell the world. Patients will also tell the world when they aren’t happy, but if they include their criticism on the doctor’s website, the doctor will know about it and can respond appropriately.   

That’s the other wonderful thing about social media. It allows every business the opportunity to interact directly with customers without the filter of the mass media or the constant, unwelcome interruptions caused by traditional advertising strategies.

We need to do it realize the ground is shifting. And we need to go with the movement because we aren’t going to stop it.

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walk the talk

Posted by Steve Buchholz on March 24, 2009

Credibility is power. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Either way, if you want to put yourself out there as some kind of expert,

businesses need to walk the talk of their marketing promises

businesses need to walk the talk of their marketing promises

you better walk the talk. I recently wrote about David Meerman Scott and inconsistencies I saw between his marketing suggestions and his marketing practices. I just ran into something similar with another new marketing author.

Paul Gillin’s book, The New Influencers, is good. It’s a great introduction to the use of social media (especially blogging) in your marketing strategies. I recommend the book.

However, in at least one footnote and at the end of the book, Gillin encourages readers to visit newinfluencers.com. So I did. I wanted to read the promised resources and check for updates. Too bad the link takes you to a site for something called Mambo. I have no idea what that is, but it appears to have nothing to do with Gillin or his book.

This can happen, I guess, so I went to paulgillin.com for better directions to the New Influencers website. I found a link to “New Influencers book,” clicked on it, and found myself…back at Mambo.

Marketing is a promise to customers. When we fail at delivering on our promises, customers begin to doubt your credibility. Do that enough and customers will lose all trust. It’s tough, if not impossible to recover from that. That’s more true today than ever. Survey after survey shows that most customers do not trust what businesses say.

We all will make mistakes, but we can’t let them stand. We need to fix them as soon as possible. We need to remember that our marketing is our promise. And we need to fulfill our promises by living our marketing.

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training meals at mediabistro

Posted by Steve Buchholz on February 17, 2009

I watched some great training videos at medibistro today. For the

Learning is good!

Learning is good!

record, I don’t work for mediabistro or have any financial interest in the company, but they deserve a virtual standing O for its On Demand service.

For just $19 a month, you have access to the site’s entire video libray. In just a few hours today, I watched:

What a great day. How else could I stay in the office and hear these industry leaders help me better understand topics critical to the future of marketing. And after watching these videos, I’ll bet you’ll feel even more enthused about social media’s role in marketing.

Navigating the world of social media can be daunting. These videos can’t be beat for beginners and those wanting to increase their knowledge. And you can’t find this level of training for a cheaper price.

Mediabistro has the subscription thing figured out. The site is super-easy to use and the quality (technical and content) of the videos is excellent. I highly recommend the service.

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